The Wyr Deception
What is The Wyr Deception?
The Wyr Deception is an immersive storyworld that exposes the conspiracy of The Wyr, commonly known as “werewolves.” The incident stories are told through Video, Graphic Novels, and Transmedia Stories, as well as The Whisper Archive, all of which expose The Wyr’s secret conspiracy to hide their existence from humanity.

Do I have to view the Incidents in a specific order?
You can check them out in whatever order you like, though we recommend starting with the origin story — Father Josef’s Wager. The Incident stories are all part of the same narrative world, but each story is self-contained.

Where do I view it?
The Wyr Deception is best viewed on a desktop, laptop, and tablets using the latest versions of common browsers – Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox – and with a high speed connection. Currently, we do not recommend viewing the site on a smartphone, slower data connection, or in older browsers, any of which can negatively affect your viewing experience.

What age is the content appropriate for?
The Wyr Deception is not intended for anyone under the age of 13. We encourage parents and guardians of teenagers to consider the content prior to allowing their teenager to watch it. The stories vary in levels of violence and adult themes, but the overall dark tone makes the site and its content unsuitable for anyone under the age of 13.

Can I give feedback?
Yes, please do. The Wyr Deception is at the start of its journey, and we appreciate constructive feedback.